What is Canodia?

Canodia is a Canadian tax exempt Fund established to make grants to local organizations in Cambodia that serve the poorest of children. We work with all our grantee partners on-the-ground to optimize the use of funds and support their sustainability. We work with children in Canada to teach them about child issues and inspire them to help others.


Brings together people in Canada and Cambodia, in one word
Represents Candians helping Cambodians
The “O” is a heart because we care
Hidden meanings or themes:
Can – like “Can do”
Node – “a connection point”
Dia – like “in day” in Spanish or old English
Sublime message “cannotes a new day”

Who Do We Service?

Canodia serves to help the poor, homeless and orphaned children of Cambodia. We serve children that are most at risk for exploitation and abuse. We serve the people and organizations that can deliver sustainable results and change the lives of these children and youth and empower them for a brighter future.

Why Canodia?

Choose to support Canodia for our:
Mission and Vision
Our Values, Our Principles
Our Model, Our Strength

Most of all, support Canodia because we are changing the lives of some beautiful children that are in desperate need of our help.

Help us, help them!