The People, The Spirit

There are many reasons to visit Cambodia: the amazing temples of Angkor, the beautiful countryside, the entertaining nightlife of Phnom Penh and the beaches on the southern coast in Sihanookville.

For me, the most amazing part of Cambodia is the spirit of the people. Every morning many people would wave at me from the sides of the street. People would call me “teacher” everywhere I went. I was always invited for dinner. Everybody looked me right in the eyes. Everyone smiled. Even if they lived in garbage, they smiled.

Why help Cambodia?

An Incredible Country: Cambodia is an amazing place. It has beautiful architecture, wonderful scenery and the most welcoming, genuine people.

A Horrible Past: It’s a country that has suffered abuse by many other countries and under the hands of a horrible regime that killed many of its people.

People Are Suffering: It’s a country where the people are still suffering today. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world and needs help.

Children are Vulnerable: There is little protection for the children and youth of Cambodia. Children have few rights and are abused through child labor and exploitation. They are not afforded the opportunities that we have here in Canada.

Hope in Their Eyes: There is an incredible energy or children that want to learn and go to school and don’t otherwise have the chance to learn. They have a hope for a better future.

Why? Because they need someone to help them.